CPC training Essex

CPC training EssexCPC training Essex, CPC training Suffolk,  All professional lgv/pcv drivers now need to complete 35 hours of training and will need to do 5 days training every 5 years Initial Driver CPC (module 4)
This is an initial qualification for all new drivers for the Cat C1, C (truck) D1, D (pcv) To gain the driver cpc.

A new driver must complete 4 modules for the practical test assessing Knowledge and have the ability of loading the vehicle with regard for safety of the vehicle and contents, Preventing criminality of trafficking and illegal immigrants, Assessing emergency situations, Preventing Physical Risk Carrying out a vehicle safety check.

CPC training Essex

Module 4 training and test

To drive for hire or reward all new drivers must pass the practical demonstration test. This does not involve any driving but you will need to have passed the module 2 case studies test before you can do the module 4 practical demonstration test. Once the module 4 test is passed you will then gain your driver qualification card.

CPC training Suffolk

Official dvsa lgv practical demonstration test are you ready?