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  • How do I apply for an LGV Provisional Licence?

For a Cat C1 C and C+E licence you need to be 18 years old and hold a full Cat B car licence D2 and D4 application packs are obtained from the DVLA or direct from ourselves.

  • What do I need to do for the Theory / Hazard Perception Test?

This is a multi-choice exam with 100 questions,the pass for this is 85 out of 100.
This is done whilst sat at a computer at lots of locations around the UK.

The hazard perception is the part of the exam that records your response to developing hazards. You will be shown video clips which feature everyday driving and you need to respond to the hazard in the early part of the development, the pass for this is 67 out of 100.

  • These two exams are now referred to as the Module 1.
    To become a professional driver using a vehicle for hire and reward you will now also need to take the Module 2 exam for the initial driver CPC.
    This can also be taken at the same time as your Module 1 tests and is done on the computer, it is based on case studies.
  • Module 3 is the practical driving test.
  • Module 4 is the practical demonstration test .

When all 4 modules are completed you will receive your Driver DQC card. This will need to be kept with you at all times when driving. You will then need to maintain your driver CPC by making sure you take 35 hours of periodic training every 5 years. You can practice the theory/hazard perception tests online at website.
Is there a waiting time between C and C+E training?

No. As soon as you receive your Licence with full Category C entitlement you can upgrade to category C+E. A full Category C entitlement gives you a Provisional for C+E.

  • How long does a Test take?

The driving test lasts approx 90 mins It starts with some Show Me Tell Me and Safety Questions followed by the reversing, which takes place at the DSA test centre. Followed by on the road driving, which includes country, carriageway and town driving, an independent drive is now also part of the test

  • Do you do assessment drives?

Yes we still do assessment drives once you have the correct entitlement on your licence, but we do now have to make a charge for them, but the fee is refunded off the price of your course.

  • Is your tuition done on a shared or one-to-one basis?

We do shared tuition on request, if you bring a friend or work colleague along with you, prices for training can be reduced as you will both be sharing the time. Alternatively training can be done on a 1-1

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