Our Training services and a bit of our history.
Courses to Suit Requirements –

Hyway one has over 27 years in the training industry. We started LGV/PCV training in 1985 and prior to that we were in the lorry/haulage and coach industry. We are professional independent trainers who have maintained an excellent pass rate over the years. We offer courses for all licence categories. We cover all Essex / Suffolk. With driving tests at either Chelmsford or Ipswich. We use a long wheel base Iveco for our Cat C1 Paramedic Training and modern full size vehicles for our Cat C and C+E Training. The industry has seen many changes over the years and you can now learn to drive an LGV at 18 years of age, providing you hold a full car driving licence – have the appropriate practical training and take the initial CPC test along with the practical driving test. We offer intensive courses with a driving test on the final day or we can do refresher training if you think its something you need. Along with our practical training we also offer CPC Module 4 exam preparation and test

B+E trailer towing.
Driving assessments.
Car and trailer towing.
Caravan towing (new driver or refresher)
C1 course for paramedics
Lorry / Bus CPC Module 4 exam preparation
Refresher courses
Driver CPCP Periodic training
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No theory test involved Have you had a disqualifiaction? Are you legal to tow?

Drivers that passed a car test prior to Jan 1997 do not need to take the test. New car drivers who passed a car driving test after Jan 1997 no longer retained that entitlement on there licence, and could only legally have a trailer up to 750kg. So if the MAM of the car exceeded 3.5 tonne or the MAM of the trailer is greater than the unladen weight of the towing vehicle, then the B + E test needs to be taken .
Licences issued from the 19th Jan 2013:

From the 19th jan 2013 drivers passing a category B car test can tow small trailers weighing no more than 750kgs Trailers weighing more than 750kg where the combined weight of the towing vehicle and the trailer is no more than 3.500kgs If you want to tow a trailer weighing more than 750kg when the combined weight of the towing vehicle and trailer is more than 3.500kg you will have to pass a further test for the B+E entitlement on your licence.

We offer courses to suit your needs, if never having towed before we would suggest a 4 hr assesment drive, this would determine what your standard of driving is like, and how many sessions you would need to enable you to get to the required standard for your B+E driving test. Someone that already has experience may find a 2 day course sufficient. We offer discounts on training if two people want to train together. The B+E test is based on the LGV driving test so therefore a higher standard of driving is required. We provide modern realistic vehicles and trailers for your training or you can use your own vehicle. We use a very large off road manouvering area (not a local car park) for our reversing so we can spend as much time as required on the off road exercises. Areas covered are ESSEX, SUFFOLK and NORFOLK.

Caravan towing training needed or simply a refresher course – we can help you with that as well, just give us a phone call.

Let HyWay One get you road legal and confident to tow – whatever your requirements.

Assessment Drive
Have you had a driving ban?

If you have have previously had a driving ban then you will have also lost the entitlement to tow large trailers. We can offer an assessment drive which covers off road maneuvers and on road driving which enables us to see which appropriate training is required to reach the test standard.

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HGV / LGV / PCV training
To get started on the road to LGV you will need.

A D2 and D4 starter pack (direct from us or the DVLA)
Book a medical with your doctor, take along the D4 application form
Fill out the D2 application, then send both forms and your driving licence (both parts to the dvla for your provisional entiltement
Once you receive your provisional entiltement on your licence, you can then book online at the dsa website to do your theory/hazard perception and case studies module 2 at your local centre Module 2 is not required for an existing C1 holder as you will have aquired rights as an existing licence holder and will need to do the periodic cpc training by september 10th 2013 for buses and September 10th 2014 for lorries.

We can provide you with HGV/LGV/PVC refresher training in four hour blocks an offer hourly, weekend or intensive training courses, and 2-1 on request. Our courses are tailored to suit the individual and can be done in your own vehicle or in a Hyway One vehicle. The HGV / LGV driving test is usually done on the final day of training at either the Ipswich or the Chelmsford test centre.

Mini Bus and PCV training

We can offer PCV training for these categories. You will need the D2 and D4 starter pack. Apply for the provisional entitlement,sit the theory/hazard perception test,case studies module 2. Then do the practical training and driving test and also the module 4 driver CPC test to become a professional driver Cat D1, Cat D1 + E, Cat D.

For further information about our training courses or advice on how to obtain a provisional licence or just general enquiry please contact us via telephone or email us using our contact form – click here>>